Sorry, but this project is no longer being maintained.

What is it?

FollowToy is a simple Safari browser extension that lets you see who is (and isn't) following you back on Instagram.



Once installed you will see a new "FollowToy" link on your Instagram profile page when you are signed in (as seen in the screenshot above). If the link does not appear you may need to refresh the page. Simply click on the "FollowToy" link to see a list of the people that you follow along with an icon to indicate whether they follow you back or not.


This project is neither endorsed by or affiliated with Instagram in any way. No warranty is expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.


You can download the latest version of FollowToy by clicking the button below. If you're curious you can also check out the source code on GitHub.

FollowToy 1.1

Last update: Mar 24, 2017

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